Schedule of Training

Upcoming Courses

Below are some of the upcoming Israeli Combat Shooting Courses.
We have Professional Combat Shooting Instructors throughout the United States, find a course close to you and start training today in the most effective, battle prove shooting method in the world.
Combat Shooting Course, L1,L2
When: January 13th, 2018
Where: Dallas TX (area)
Cost: $250
Time: 9am till 4pm
Instructor: Marty Cale
Contact#  479-871-7172
Concealed Carry Handgun 
When: January 20th
Where: Fayetteville AR
Cost $70
Time: 9am till 2pm
Instructor: Marty Cale
Contact# 479-871-7172
Israeli Combat Shooting Course
Handgun Level 1
When: March 3rd, 2018
Where: Fayetteville AR
Cost:  $125
Time: 9am till 4pm
Instructor: Marty Cale
Contact:  479-871-7172
Israeli Combat Shooting, Firearms Training